Diego Costa ready to expose Chelsea coach

The striker accuses Antonio Conte of treating him like a criminal and begs to be freed

Nkem Ibeawuchi | Monday, 14 August 2017 2:23pm | sport

Diego Costa | source: @diegocosta

Spain and Chelsea striker Diego Costa has expressed his desire and readiness to show the public the text message Chelsea coach Antonio Conte sent to him in June, telling him he would not be part of Chelsea team this season.

The striker said it has become necessary to do so in order to dispel the rumour making the rounds that he was lying against the Italian manager. Costa disclosed the Chelsea boss sent him a text telling him he would not be part of the squad for new season that just kicked off at the weekend. The effect of the text has been manifested by the absence of the Spanish striker and former Atletico Madrid attacker.

Speaking to Daily Mail, Costa said, "I have not deleted the message," he added. "If people accuse me of lying, I can show them. It was clear, saying that he didn't count on me and wishing me the best for the future. Full stop"

He further expressed his dismay towards Chelsea’s decision not to allow him go after the gaffer made it clear he is not in his plans. Costa also made clear his intention of rejoining Atletico Madrid.

"Why won't they let me go if they don't want me?" He lamented.

"I have to do what I have to do. I have to think of myself. I've been a good boy here and tried to do the right thing. My desire is to go to Atletico."

"You know that the manager doesn't want me," added Costa.

"I am waiting for Chelsea to set me free. I didn't want to leave. I was happy. When the manager does not want you, you have to go."

A move to China was rumoured in January after there was report suggesting that Costa was involved in a dispute with a fitness coach, but Costa denied the report.

"In January, things happened with the coach," Costa said. "I was on the brink of renewing my contract and they put the brakes on it. I suspect the manager was behind it. He asked for that to happen.”

"His ideas are very fixed and clear. I have seen the sort of person he is. He has his own opinion and that will not change.”

"I respect him as a great coach. He has done a good job and I can see that, but as a person, no. He is not a coach who is very close with his players. He is very distant. He doesn't possess charisma," the striker said.

However, Conte has rejected every move of Costa coming back to the squad after journalists asked him about the possibility of Costa’s return following Saturday’s Premier League defeat to Burnley in Stamford Bridge.